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UBS Switzerland Launches New e-Banking with IND Solution

UBS, Switzerland’s biggest bank has launched a fully redesigned e- and mobile banking platform. With the new Personal Financial Assistant function, provided by IND Group, users can keep an eye on their expenses and plan their own budgets.

UBS screenshot 1UBS announced in December that their clients can now carry out their banking on a renewed e-banking platform. From mid-December 2013 the new UBS e-banking platform is available for all 1.3 million UBS users in Switzerland.

UBS’s renewed online bank includes a Personal Financial Assistant, an innovative feature by IND Group, which is fully integrated into the new platform. This new function helps private clients analyze and sort their expenses as well as gives them advice on budgets and helps determine individual savings goals. The Personal Financial Assistant will continue to learn and the more precisely expenses are categorized, the better it will be able to help clients. IND’s Personal Finance Manager product (PFM) supports customers’ financial health by providing a deep insight into their finances, and it helps in keeping finances by forecasting incomes and controlling expenses. IND’s PFM upgrades existing internet bank to an innovative financial management and advisory centre. The new Personal Financial Assistant function is also available on the UBS mobile banking app.

UBS screenshot 2

“UBS Switzerland has fully redesigned its e- and mobile banking service providing its clients an entry page that can be tailored to their individual information needs, improved user navigation and tablet-optimized presentation. One of the new features is the Personal Financial Assistant, developed by IND Group. We believe that with these innovations UBS is making online banking simpler, clearer and more personal,” said Andreas Kubli, Head of Multichannel Management & Digitization at UBS Switzerland.


For more info on IND’s PFM please see here. You can also read more about UBS e-banking and the UBS Mobile Banking App.