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Misys BankFusion Digital Gamification Concept

In the future of online banking banks should look at how their online bank can serve more as a sales channel and how they can motivate their customers to use more of the banks' services. Gamification is a concept that can help reach these goals by motivating and directing customers towards positive behavior.


IND brings this innovative concept to banks and makes their e-banking an interesting game so that it becomes a fun platform that sells.

The system of gamification has been proven to work for other industries as well. Farmville in games, Runkeeper in fitness or Foursquare in check-ins; all of these applications reward you for using their platform and you can see your progress, which urges you to do it more and better. IND brings the benefits of this cool concept to online finances. These methods and tools were added to the newest release of IND Banking-Front Office.

Turn Your Online Banking from Boring to Fun

  • Be the main Bank of your customers!
  • Gives your customers an overview on their finances
  • Up-to-date financial info with no additional effort
  • Integrated into the e-banking system
  • Gives the Bank much better insight into their customer's needs
  • Bank can define the categorisation rules

How Are We Different?

  • Can be integrated into any existing e-banking system
  • User friendly GUI, based on state-of-the-art technology
  • Easy-to-understand visualizations


  • Two-level point system
  • Can be easily added to marketing campaigns and existing loyalty programs
  • Connection to Facebook or other social media sites
  • Collected points can be tracked with attractive charts and displays
  • Several badges and rewards to be collected
  • Three point types: social points (for sharing on social media networks), payment points (for making bill payments, direct debits,…) and saver points (for saving money on a regular basis and reaching savings goals)

Hmm, sounds good. I want to know more!

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